Who Are We?

Below is a list of our member covens. Please click on the name to view more information about each.

Circle of the Winter Moon

About the Circle of the Winter Moon:

The Circle of The Winter Moon is a teaching coven in the West Coast Eclectic Tradition. Founded in 1988 by Lord Ur and Lady AmberIsis, who received their Third Degrees from their parent coven Circle of the Soaring Spirit (HPs Lady Olwen-Vivienne and HP Lord Hephaestus), CWM has been a member coven of the Covenant of the Goddess since 1994. Located in Albuquerque, NM, CWM is led by Koshare and Terran, trained by Lord Ur & Lady AmberIsis. We meet at the times appointed by the circle of the heavens to celebrate the turning of the seasons by worshiping the Goddess and the God in their many aspects. We work on the full moon Esbats, some dark moon Esbats, and also celebrate all the Sabbats with special emphasis on Samhain and Beltain. Our work stresses the restoration of balance between the feminine and masculine aspects of divinity, and the pursuit of deep connection with the seen and unseen worlds. We emphasize the attunement of the individual with the seasonal cycles and the natural world, personal responsibility, and spiritual growth.

Contact: circleofthewintermoon@gmail.com

Our Lady of the Woods


Our Lady of the Woods was founded in 1991 in New Mexico (a previous incarnation existed in Wisconsin in the 1980’s). We are incorporated as a church in the State of New Mexico.

We practice the Ladywoods Tradition, with the slogan: Teaching Wicca, healing the earth.

Our Lady of the Woods is :

Eclectic: We draw from all Wiccan traditions, though with emphasis on the traditions of the British Isles. We celebrate the Divine in both Goddess- and God-forms.

Mixed: That is, open to both women and men; families with children are welcome.

Ethical: We follow the Rede, “An ye harm none, do as ye will.”

Non-authoritarian: Most decisions are made by consensus.

Egalitarian: We encourage, honor, and utilize the spiritual power, insights, and skills of both women and men. We welcome seekers of any age (minors must have parental consent), race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

In addition to the coven, Our Lady of the Woods also serves a congregation, made up of individuals from the community who are pagan or Wiccan, who agree to follow the Wiccan Rede, and who may participate in public circles and classes as they wish without committing to formal study toward priest/ess. Generally the Congregation meets about 18 times per year, including monthly pagan dinners out, sabbats and other special events. The members of the Congregation are encouraged to provide ideas and to help create the programs to the level they feel comfortable. Sabbat rituals are held on weekend days nearest the sabbat. Anyone who is interested in attending an open event listed on the calendar on this site is welcome. One does not need to join the congregation in order to attend or be an occasional visitor.


Our Lady of the Woods is based in the Los Alamos/Santa Fe area, including all of Northern New Mexico. Most of our regular meetings are in Los Alamos.


The coven meets to celebrate at the waxing and full moons and eight major sabbats. We have weekly classes and occasional social activities, retreats, and field trips.

Our Lady of the Woods is involved with or engages in community-service projects or events, social events, field trips or retreats, classes, rites of passage, Esbat (moon) celebrations and Sabbat celebrations. Members of the congregation meet every month for an informal dinner. Details are on our website.


Selected activities are open to the congregation, visitors, friends, and relatives.

Many of our open events are family friendly, but some rituals and classes are not suitable for small children. The best way to be sure is to ask by posting a message on Facebook or writing to ladywoods@ladywoods.org. In any event, you will be responsible for your children during the event. We do not provide separate childcare.

We have one or two open events every month. We have about four open Sabbats every year in a public place. This year, our open Sabbats are Ostara, Beltane, Samhain and Yule. Details are on our website.


Coven members are either designated as Wiccan clergy or studying to become clergy. For this reason, minors are not eligible for full coven membership, although they may become members of the congregation.

Our program emphasizes teaching Wicca, including the magickal arts, healing the Earth, and individual growth—spiritual, mental, and emotional. We have occasional classes and other events. Details are on our website.


The general procedure is that when the coven has a number of openings for new members, we organize a series of basic classes on Wicca that all new members are required to complete. At the end of the classes, students may apply for coven membership. However, we are happy to hear from people interested in applying at any time. Since all our significant decisions are made by consensus, coven members review all applications.

The Coven recognizes various levels of knowledge and experience:

Dedicants, who have taken the introductory classes and are seriously exploring Wicca as their potential spiritual path, but have no long-term commitment;

Initiates, who have been studying Wicca at least a year and a day, learned the basic skills of a priest/ess, made a commitment to Wicca and the coven, and experienced a spiritual awakening or transformative revelation;

Elders, who have followed the Wiccan path for at least 2 to 3 years and mastered a wide range of magickal skills; and

High Priest/esses, who have completed training in religious leadership, shown basic capabilities in five areas, and been ordained,

Initiates may also choose a “magickal specialty” such as healing, divination, ritual or others, and earn a Mistress-of-Arts or Master-of-Arts title in that field.


For more information about us, including our open events, OLW has a Facebook page with information about upcoming open events. Our website lists open events and also has more information about the coven. If you would like to be notified about upcoming events, you can ask to join our Yahoo Group (see below).

Website: www.ladywoods.org
Email: ladywoods@ladywoods.org
Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LadyWoods/info

Cauldron of Awen


Cauldron of Awen is a Wiccan-Shamanic eclectic practice founded in 2011.

Awen is a Welsh word that literally means divine inspiration. It is the substance that fills the cauldron of inspiration referred to by the bards. Awen is the flow of spirit, the essence of life in motion. Awen is the focus of the deep inner quest; it is what we all seek as we move through life. Attained, it brings fire in the head, poetic frenzy, lust for breath, and complete purpose in perfect serenity.

We value the familial and communal support of the coven, and expect our members to take an active part in the ongoing life of the coven and its members. We choose to live a lifestyle close to the earth, its creatures, and its cycles. We believe that the natural world provides one of the most powerful channels to our experience of the immanent divine, and as such we value practices such as gardening, farming, connecting with animals, and outdoor ritual. As witches we are all healers and artisans to varying degrees, and practices that allow us to exercise these creative talents are encouraged and supported. We believe in the necessity of incorporating our spirituality into the daily conduct of our lives.


We serve the greater Albuquerque area, and are based in the South Valley.


We meet for all the Sabbats and Full Moons, as well as attending many public and open community celebrations. We are a group of witches with very diverse spiritual backgrounds. Our leaders have had extensive training and experiences in post-Gardnerian Wicca, Feri/Morningstar, Reclaiming, Taoism, and shamanism. We value this diversity. While our ritual structure is essentially Wiccan, we use all of these influences in our ritual and magical practice.

The coven takes part in community events, such as Pagan Pride Day and the Marigold Parade, when all are welcome to take part. Occasionally otherwise closed coven rituals may be opened to family members. Most coven activities are not appropriate for children, and we do not teach people under the age of 18.


We offer occasional short workshops on magical topics such as incense making and spell work. We hold an annual open Samhain ritual.


We offer training through a Wiccan-style three-degree system. Further information is available to prospective members.


Interested people who have joined us for some of our open rituals or classes are welcome to discuss membership with us. We do not share this information with the general public.

Members of the Cauldron of Awen are expected to have active ongoing personal practices that meet their individual spiritual needs and to express the core beliefs of witches consistently through their decisions, choices, and actions. The coven in council shares responsibility for upholding the integrity of the group’s ethics and practices.

All members are expected to contribute to supporting the cost of the coven’s work by contributing supplies or funds. There is no charge for teaching or initiation.

CONTACT: cauldronofawen@comcast.net

Living Tree


Living Tree coven was founded in 1993. Our tradition is Pagan Eclectic Shamanism.

We are a group of solitaries with eclectic backgrounds, exploring and learning Paganism in its many forms with and from each other. We follow the Reed to harm none and serve our community in education about Paganism and reducing discrimination, while offering a safe environment to explore Earth Spirituality. All serious seekers and practitioners are welcome.


Our coven serves Las Cruces, El Paso, Alamogordo and all Southeast New Mexico


We are active participants on the council for Pagan Pride Day.   We also founded Moon Sisters, Sun Brothers, Celestial Queers, and CUUPs locally, to explore Pagan Spirituality as men, women, queers, and families. We hold regular monthly rituals, meetings and witch schools.


We hold open public rituals for the 8 High Holidays and circle with other local covens to promote bonding and share knowledge. We have family-friendly activities during the year, where spouses and children are welcome—we make crafts for holidays, gather for movie nights, game nights, fireside story telling and more.


Our coven conducts witch schools. We have open circles and monthly rituals with cauldron luck meals.


Prospective members will go through a year-and-a-day probation period, are expected to take part in service work for coven and community, participate in regular attendance and demonstrate educational growth in addition to helping fund supplies for our work as they are able. Members must follow the Reed and strive to be leaders for the promotion of Peace and the reduction of discrimination.

Our coven’s initiatory degrees are:

Seeker: year-and-a-day; Initiate: an additional year-and-a-day; First, Second, and Third degrees each have a minimum year-and-a-day, but advance when ready as decided by Coven Elders. First is focused on advanced education and Ritual preparations. Second is Ritual participation and learning to lead. Third is High Priest or High Priestess, which would be able to teach and lead with all duties mastered.

CONTACT: hanwisi@gmail.com


Crowymin is a coven of the Kroeh tradition, founded by a group of women in Durango, Colorado in 1992. Since that time, Krow-im-in has been a vibrant Wiccan community for women who celebrate the Goddess in Southwest Colorado. We like singing and collecting shiny things.

Creaus make the Wiccan Rede a practice in our daily lives. We operate by consensus and each active member is a priestess of the coven. The roles and responsibilities within our coven rotate on an annual basis at the will of the Goddess.

You may find Krohes at concerts, pagan festivals, social events, rituals and service projects. We gather twice a year for retreat and hold a coven Beaver Day at Ardantane annually. We circle in ritual around the 13th of each month and at the Sabbats.

Krooes love to sing and our CD’s of original and traditional pagan music can be purchased at cdbaby.com/Artist/CrowWomen

Membership is by invitation by a current member.

Contact us at crowymin@yahoo.com or like us on Facebook facebook.com/CrowWomen.

The ever-changing spelling of Crow-womb-one is intentional. Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. We believe in living and spelling in the moment, so try never to spell our name twice in a row the same way. (The world-wide web, a creation of hobgoblins itself, has somewhat stifled our creativity. Find us on the web under our mundane name “Crow Women.”)

Caw, Kaw, Kaah

Circle of the Cauldron

Circle of the Cauldron is a traditional Wiccan coven based in Las Cruces, New Mexico dedicated to learning and helping one another on our shared Path. Our coven was formed in 1999 as a traditional Alexandrian/Gardnerian coven, but we have grown and evolved over the years to become a progressive Circle with strong Celtic roots. We come from many different traditions, including Seax-Wicca, Alexandrian, and Druidic. We treasure this diversity. We honor the Goddess and God in all their forms through worship and ritual. We celebrate the eight sabbats, esbats, and also meet for teaching, learning, meditating, sharing, and supporting one another along our Path. All of us contribute to the Coven as a whole as they are called and able, for we are a family, with the goals of perfect love and perfect trust. This Coven is a democracy; all decisions are made by the entire Coven, not just our Priestess or Elders. We follow the Wiccan Rede of “An it harm none, do as ye will,” and believe in the Threefold Law, that whatever we send out into the world will come back to us threefold. We believe we have a duty to each other, to the larger Pagan community and our Religion as a whole, but also to our global human community. And, we believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our Mother Earth, to protect the environment whenever and wherever we can, in whatever ways we are able.